I've written a few of "About Me" pages for myself over the years. Things change, and as we grow and develop, we can add to our story. One thing I found true and constant is something I listed on my first website: There tends to be an intense encounter between both hemispheres of my brain when creativity and strategy meet.

As the owner and Brand Strategist at 21five, a brand strategy and digital marketing firm in Charlotte, NC, I've successfully lead start-ups, to multi-million-dollar organizations grow, develop, and manage their brand and digital marketing initiatives.

My approach to business and design is to work with purpose in mind. I seek to provide “substance over style”, that goes beyond simple design and enters into strategic, intentional solutions. In fact, I believe that “listening to the brand” of any person or organization is the foundation in developing a solid brand strategy. As a result of my efforts, I've seen our clients have greater clarity in their brands, experience massive growth, and feel more unified in their business strategy.

In addition to 21five Creative, me and my co-owner (and wife of five years), Mary, enjoy traveling, eating at new restaurants, hanging out with friends and family back home in Richmond, VA, and serving at our church in Charlotte. We're also grateful and enjoying the new journey of parenthood with our newborn son Kevin "Tank" Pleasants III!