Kevin Pleasants³

Baby Tank

Welcome us in celebrating God's gift to us, our son Kevin Maurice Pleasants, III!

"Tank" as mom nicknamed him was born June 13th, 2018 (on the same day as his only uncle), and we are so happy to have this joy in our lives.

Our heart and desire for him is that he will first know to love God, himself, and others. That in wisdom, he will learn his journey is where he will gain strength. That strength is only found in the joy of the Lord, and not in himself nor in anything tangible. That along with that wisdom and strength will come boldness and bravery to stand up even when no one else will. That he will speak for those who cannot. That he will be a beacon of light when there is nothing else but darkness. That everyday he will know he is loved. That no matter what noise he may encounter, he will always hear the voice of the Lord speaking peace and grace to his heart. That he will know he was born to be a trailblazer, pioneer new adventures, and challenge the status quo. Oh the places that he will go. That he will be steadfast, unmoveable, consistent, and creative, always abounding in the work of the Lord. That his words will be seasoned with salt, and his hands ready to work. And that through it all, he will know his father and his mother love him with the love of Jesus.

Son, you were created for such a time as this.


Maternity Shoot

We we're blessed to have amazing photographers for our shoot. Tim & Latrice Claiborne (TLC Images) are not only great friends of ours, but they are also one set of Godparents to our Baby Boy. Their excitement for this bundle of joy really showed during the shoot.

We'd like to give a special shout out to City Lights Rooftop in Uptown Charlotte, N.C. for not only accommodating us, but allowing us to fully use the penthouse area for our shoot. You all were amazing.

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A few more pics that we've taken over since we found out.

Pregnancy Announcement


Gender Reveal @ Hendrick BMW Northlake


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